GitScrum is the smart management tool that helps teams and professionals to create, plan, organize and release amazing projects.

Meet what we can call, no doubt, the main GitScrum feature! Sure, all our features are beloved, but as long as you work with GitScrum, you will see they all relate to the GitScrum Board, your daily tool to work and collaborate with your team and manage your tasks. This amazing tool, as you’ve seen, is a modern version of Kanban boards, and offers many possibilities of customization, it’s flexible enough for you to make your projects work and look your way.

Here you will learn how to use it, and take the most of it.

GitScrum Board
GitScrum Board

Best Practices for Your Workflow

Here are some useful tips for you to have the best experience while collaborating on GitScrum Board:

  • Task Details: name your tasks properly to differentiate one another on the Board, include task description, instructions to team members and add task references to help your assistants accomplish the Tasks;

  • Encourage the team to use GitScrum Board and collaborate on it, updating task status as soon as they make progress and accomplishments – this way you will really know you can lean on it to obtain the project overview;

  • Create the habit to observe the team’s progress and allow each team member to do the same, in order to encourage collaboration, offer support to the team members who may find difficulties to accomplish any tasks, identify bottlenecks and solve them;

  • Make an agreement with the team about the email notifications you will use or not, but keep aware about all information updated on GitScrum Board, daily;

  • Explain the company’s confidentiality/secrecy guidelines and rules to all team members, so they are not supposed to share private information from the Board anywhere else;

  • Make it clear which kind of urgent demands should be communicated only on GitScrum Board, and which ones should also demand team members to reiterate alerts and warnings on the team issues, in order to keep your internal communication aligned;

  • Inform the team which members will be responsible for creating projects and coordinating team members on GitScrum Board, which ones will work as collaborators, so they will work properly according to their roles;

  • Inform project managers what kind of people they are authorized to invite to participate in the projects, and with whom they can share the company’s projects.

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