White Label Setup

GitScrum is the smart management tool that helps teams and professionals to create, plan, organize and release amazing projects.

Get the best GitScrum can give you, by making it yours and adding value to it with your Custom Brand. Customize GitScrum with your logo and domain and win the client’s trustworthiness. Managing projects doesn’t have to be a cold experience. Use images, logos, and colors to make your working environment vibrant, cozy, and motivational.

Take the communication with your clients and team members to another level, customizing not only your projects’ images and background, but all your GitScrum custom brand, showcasing your logo everywhere.

White Label – Custom Brand for GitScrum Project Management Tool

GitScrum White Label is the feature that allows you to fully personalize your project management tool with your logo over ours, use your own domain and subdomains for a professional approach before your clients.

When you create your Gitscrum account, this feature will be available for you from the start. To set it up, go to Project Settings » White Label Setup, fill in the blanks, and upload your logo (see image standards).

To get a fully personalized – custom brand – tool, upload your logo and set your domain and SMTP server to use with GitScrum, then you’ll have a custom address, a favicon and a custom header – Your Brand Everywhere!

White Label Resources

GitScrum White Label offers the opportunity to showcase your own brand on the cover and all screens of your project management tool. It’s a fully personalized corporate appearance for your customer support area, your interaction features with collaborators and stakeholders. It feels like you have developed the complete project management on your own to assist them, which highly impacts your brand value perception.


A favicon is an image icon from your logo, displayed on your web browsers. It is saved on GitScrum, personalized with your logo, for viewing by the browser. It is used as a logo in reduced size, to enhance your marketing power and fast identification of your company’s brand.


We take branding seriously, so we help you configure a complete brandy project management tool. That’s possible by using your own domain address, with the possibility of creating subdomains for your projects and clients. Imagine how much greater could be the impact of sharing a project like this with your clients: projects.yourcompany.com

SMTP Server

To expand even more your branding possibilities, GitScrum offers you the possibility to configure your SMTP servers, to include your corporate email address, so the GitScrum features that need to send notifications to team members and clients will use this address as a sender. Isn’t it much better than receiving notifications with someone else’s address?

Ok, awesome! But how to configure all those things?

White Label Setup

  1. Open your Workspace
  2. Go to Workspace Settings » White Label Setup
  3. SMTP Server: Fill in the required fields regarding your Host data and corporate email address. If you don’t know the data to fill in these blanks, please request your hosting provider to inform you (this data is usually provided when you hire hosting services for your corporate website). Please remember only emails with your corporate domains will work, and choose an address that will be checked by your team. “Save Parameters.”
  4. On STEP 1 – Click “Upload Header Logo”, then your computer screen will show up for you to choose your company’s logo from your files. (140 x 128 pixels – up to 500 kb)
  5. On STEP 1 – Click “Upload Favicon”, then again your computer screen will show up and you should choose your image from your device. (128 x 128 pixels – up to 500 kb)
  6. On STEP 2 – Fill in the Domain » Subdomain fields to use with GitScrum. If you have doubts on your own domain data, please contact your hosting service provider. Before including Subdomains in GitScrum, remember to create them and configure them in your hosting service client pannel, or asking your hosting provider to create them for you.
  7. STEP 3 – Add a CNAME record to your domain’s DNS records: go to Workspace Settings » White Label Setup for detailed instructions.
  8. Write an Email footer, where you can add your phone number or preferred data.
GitScrum White Label Setup
GitScrum White Label Setup

Custom Workspace Brand

You might use different workspaces for clients or separate businesses if you run a business group, for instance. You can customize the workspace details when you create it, or later, at Workspace Details.


Customize each one of your workspaces with a different logo. It is important for team members to identify how you organize and sort your work visually, so later they will be able to find your projects faster. Imagine if you had several Workspaces looking alike, how confusing it could be to find a project? So, be sure to use visual identities that help you guide your team to find what they need.


Naming and describing Workspaces is also essential to organize your work, presuming it is supposed to expand in the future.

Workspace Details Setup

  1. Open your Workspace
  2. Go to Workspace Settings » Workspace Details.
  3. Click the “circle” to “Set the header color”, choosing the color that fits your Workspace theme.
  4. Click “Upload Logo” – image 128 x 128 pixels up to 500 kb (.jpg, .gif, .png).
  5. Type your “Workspace Name”.
  6. Keep the “Emails – Personalized Brand” option checked if you have set up your GitScrum White Label.
  7. Check “Share Project Labels”, if you might want to repeat the Workspace details inside some projects later.
  8. Click the Update Details to save.

Custom Project Brand

You can add a different logo to each one of your projects since they might have different visual IDs or themes.


Customize each one of your projects with a different logo. This will make a difference for your team members and clients, as long as you create many projects, since it will help them identify them faster, optimizing your work, and also creating a different visual approach for each one of them, which impacts motivation for work and tasks comprehension.

Background Image

Include background images for your projects to look stunning! See below how much difference it makes to look at a variety of projects with different themes. If you can’t take your team members for a trip or paint the walls every time you run a different project, here you can change the virtual environment each time you work on a project!

Project Details

Naming and describing Projects is vital, in order to leave them handy for your team members to collaborate, find projects fast and understand what they are about. Including project goals is interesting to engage your team. Does it sound too basic? We bet most workers around the globe have doubts about what they should accomplish because project goals are not declared.

Project Details Setup

Only users with admin permission and the workspace owner can use this resource.

  1. Open your Workspace
  2. On the list of projects you must choose which one you want to configure
  3. Go to Project Settings » Details

When you create projects, you have the possibility of sharing your projects, and they might be custom branded, which means their hyperlink will go with your custom domain. All you have to do is click the “Share” button and get the Shareable link, so you can share your project board with partners and friends on social media, Whatsapp, and email.

Supported Image Formats

Header logo - 140 width x 28 height pixels (up to 500 kb) – .jpg, .png, .gif

Workspace logo - 128 x 128 pixels (up to 500 kb) – .jpg, .png, .gif

Project logo - 128 x 128 pixels (up to 500 kb) – .jpg, .png, .gif

There will be a box for adjusting and cropping your favicon image perfectly on White Label Set-up.

We have 23 languages available

Is your company present in different countries? Do you work with international partners and clients? We’ve got you covered! You can work with a language, while your colleagues choose to work with a different one in their interfaces.

To do so, each one of you will log in to GitScrum, click the flag icon on the top right corner of the screen to switch it. Don’t worry, by changing your interface language you won’t affect your client’s interface.

Dark mode or Light mode?

Go agile with GitScrum, no matter if you prefer a black or white custom look! See how cool your environment can look, how you feel more comfortable, by switching and testing what’s your mood.

To change from one to the other, use the Sun and Moon icons at the right top corner of your GitScrum header bar:

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